DMRHunter is an analysis tool for a sensitive DMRs (differentially methylated regions) detection in pair-wise analysis of two MeDIP-seq data sets.

 DMRHunter tool was used to analyze DNA methylation changes in the cfDNA samples from patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) during treatment. It is described in

Madonna R Peter, Misha Bilenky, Ruth Isserlin, Gary D Bader, Shu Yi Shen, Daniel D De Carvalho, Aaron R Hansen, Pingzhao Hu, Neil E Fleshner, Anthony M Joshua, Martin Hirst, Bharati Bapat.

Dynamics of the cell-free DNA methylome of metastatic prostate cancer during androgen-targeting treatment.

Epigenomics. September 1, 2020.


You can download DMRHunter distribution package and resources.