ALBERTA EPIGENETICS NETWORK RNA-Seq, DNA methylation & Bioinformatics workshop

The Alberta Epigenetics Network (AEN) is organizing an RNA-Seq and DNA methylation (bisulfite-seq) bioinformatics workshop at the University of Lethbridge over the dates of March 29th – 31st, 2017. The workshop is being organized in conjunction with the AEN Annual Summit in Lethbridge on March 27 and 28, 2017.

The workshop is being run under the supervision of Dr. Igor Kovalchuk and will cover RNA-Seq and bisulfite-seq (DNA methylation) and the associated data analysis and is aimed at Graduate Students, PDFs, and any interested investigators from the Universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Lethbridge. The goal of the workshop is to introduce participants to the molecular techniques required for RNA-Seq and Bisulfite-Seq, computational tools required for processing the data and bioinformatics tools required to analyze these datasets.

Topics Include:

Molecular Techniques:

  • Library Prep
  • Library Validation
  • Sequencing

Data Analysis

  • Introduction to R, RStudio and Bioconductor
  • Quality Control
  • Mapping
  • Annotation
  • Data exploration